Cory and Travis stopped in to WICR to talk about 2RHYTHMS and the new MEEP! CD, ‘Los Ritmos’. Click here to listen to the interview. The CD is FREE with a $10 gift to the 2RHYTHMS Music Program – your contribution is tax deductible! Get it by clicking here.

Visiting Kids Inc.

2RHYTHMS presented MEEP! – Cory Carleton (bass) and Travis Brant (drums) at Kids Inc. in Indianapolis for an evening of music and fun.

Footage from our 2014 spring concert

MEEP! with guest musicians Scott Naylor (guitar), Andy Kellogg (sax), Rick Hajduk (trumpet), Marc Imboden (guitar and vocals) at the 2RHYTHMS 2014 spring concert.

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Travis Brant (drums) and Cory Carleton (bass)

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